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Clear Coat Paint

Clear Coat Paint
– A shine may be more than you think

You parked your car at the super market, and someone’s abandoned trolley just happened to scratch your car, but what makes it worse is that unfortunately it was not a small scratch but a very prominent one on your fender. These unfortunate events do happen to take place. Just by applying simple paint coat will not do the work after all it is a black range rover with a clear coat paint touch. So now, your mechanic is going to have to take a day longer so he can put the shine to the scratch.

Clear Coat Paint

Sometimes we’re all only focused on adding some unique automotive parts or another accessories to improve our car looks. What car owners do not know or pay attention is that clear coat paint for cars is actually as important as the paint that hides your scratch. All of do remember the cars of the 90’s and 80’s they seemed attractive back then but nothing appealing now to one’s eyes. It is mainly due to the difference of the car paint. Back in the good old day’s car painters believed that more paint was better. That means a good chunk of paint eventually turn into thick lacquer. However, not car manufactures believe in clear coat paint due to a number of reasons. A clear coat can create an appeal to appeara

nce, there is more durability, easy to repair and there is reduction of pollution. All in your entire car sparkles due to a small coat of clear paint.

Clear Coat Paint

Ever seen shows like “pimp my ride” or any other television shows that show hot rods with paint jobs you cannot

take your eyes of? People have now grown fond of designing their cars with groovy patterns. Flames, stripes, and well some have imaginations beyond the limit. We like to call such cars, as art cars. There is a lot of hard work painting your car to give an artsy look. There are combinations of colours and designs that create the unique look to an art car. It has become a well-known fashion, and has surprisingly been found to be appreciated; after all won’t you look twice at a car that has wings drawn on the side of the car?

Though art cars take a lot of time and effort to construct a paint job, you must not forget that even with so many colours, there is the need for a clear coat for an art car. A clear coat is exactly what creates the shine and enhances the appeal of the car. Without a clear coat paint, your car would have a very mat and dull look to it, but with a clear coat, your car gets the gloss it needs.

Evert time you are at the paint shop getting your fender or bumper painted, do not whine because of the time it takes. In the end you do want your car to shine like it used to before and the process of clear coat paint is that one final touch that helps make your car look as brand new as it did once before.

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